Wie kann ich mich vom Eurowings Newsletter abmelden?

Step 0. Make sure that you can not unsubscribe from the newsletter on eurowings.de (zum SpaƟ)

1. Open the source code of the spam email

2. Find a long URL in the "List-Unsubscribe" header

From: "Eurowings" <news@ew.eurowings.com>
Reply-To: "Eurowings" <reply@ew.eurowings.com>
Feedback-ID: 54443:526123:oraclersys
List-Unsubscribe: <https://ew.eurowings.com/pub/optout/UnsubscribeOneStepConfirmAction?YES=true&_ri_=R4Vlk2G%3UCQpdlLdHJlLONG URLYQGT2GiSnYlroCaKjdYiYbT1S8jyA>, <mailto:unsubscribe-GQvgrGjCJtYcGuEz@imh.rsys5.com?subject=List-Unsubscribe>
X-sgxh1: exsvlpgQgpdplRxnuTpuQJhu
X-rext: 5.interact5.EoBE06UxdCQ4oS2XjMvoZc_E2hv-32l_GDEcPu_Ei38S76C5vYE
X-cid: germanwings.1498465

3. Go to this URL

4. Read news about Oracle, repeat the mantra:

In any big company the left hand does not know, what the right hand is doing.

5. goto 4